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Word on the street is my San Francisco 49ers are planning to change their uniforms for either the 2009 or 2010 season. I’m sure they have or are doing research on it and are maybe designing it right as we speak. I, for one, have taken it upon myself to give it a try and redesign not just the unis but the brand as well and hopefully help re-energize this franchise to return to greatness.

So my first step was to look at the current uniforms. Believe it or not, they have been in use for a decade already. The colors are “cardinal” red and 49ers gold (as described in Wikipedia). I wonder why is it called cardinal red, after all, they’re not named the Arizona Cardinals?

Let’s look at the good and bad of the current unis. The good: First, it stands out from the rest of the teams. There are only two teams that use gold predominantly in the NFL, San Francisco and New Orleans. St. Louis changed from yellow to gold as its secondary color in 2000. Their pants are gold on occasion as they also have blue and white pants. Second, the current design hasn’t strayed too far from the original design.

The bad: Someone went too far with the stroke tool in Photoshop. The excessive gold trim and black shadowing on the numbers and names is a little too much. Have you seen it in HD? Sheesh! In design and sports uniforms, simplicity is the way to go. Finally, the black striping…I mean, I get it but on this uniform it just doesn’t work. Black striping was added to give the uniform “street-cred” for marketing purposes and more jersey sales. But honestly, IMO, it doesn’t add any more “street-cred” than it already had.

So my second step was to research better looking unis. Matt Barrows from The Sacramento Bee ranked the NFL uniforms in this article. He had some interesting points but I disagree with his top 5. Here are my top 5: 1) NY Giants – Their redesign in 2000 went back to their old-school roots. They kept the same colors and kept the design simple (that’s the magic word). 2) Browns – Their colors are orange and brown and they do orange and brown better than anyone can do it. And it’s simple. 3) Raiders – As a Niner fan, it pains me to even write this but its silver and black…nuff said. 4) Colts – Classic horseshoe logo with blue and white color scheme. It’s just that…classic. 5) Buccaneers – Nothing was uglier than their old orange creamsicle and white garbs with that swashbuckling pirate logo. But the change to pewter and “Buccaneer” red with the pirate flag on a sword logo was design genius. They’d be ranked as the no. 1 before and after REDESIGN ever. I mean, PEWTER! I’ve never even heard of pewter until they used it. The Niners current unis would rank somewhere in the teens if I did a complete list.

After that, I researched past 49er uniforms. Of course, the ones that stood out to me were the uniforms from the eighties. Research has shown that most of the Niner fans have that look in a special place in their heart. But just trotting out the old unis doesn’t cut it.

In my redesign, I’m going to take the old-school design and replace the “cherry” red and “matte” gold to what I’m calling Deep Scarlet Red and Metallic Gold. Remember this logo? Why did they get rid of it? It’s way better than what they replaced it with. So I redesigned it to bring it to the 21st century. The intertwined SF logo is so embedded in the team’s history that any change to it would be blasphemous. It’s one of the best intertwined logos ever. So here’s what I came up with for the new 49ers script logo.

This logo would be used in all aspects of marketing and will be placed in the endzones, helmets, and on the front of the jersey as you can see in the home jerseys above the numbers.

Now for the road unis, I thought they should be different. So when I did my research on past Niner uniforms, I noticed the late 50’s & early 60’s road unis were different. They were white with red stripes above the shoulders instead of the sleeves. So I thought, let see what it would look like modernized.

I think it really stands out and makes it different from the home unis. I really like this look. It still keeps it simple but doesn’t over do it.

As you can notice, the alternative pants for both home and road unis are white. For me, personally, I liked the white pants from the ’94 season, our last Superbowl championship year. So I thought they could do some good for the new unis in alternative form. It makes for fond memories but it’s a pretty clean look especially for road unis. Also, notice what I like to call the “wicked witch of the west” socks. They’re dope to me so I think they should be mandatory along with mandatory black shoes for both home and road unis.

Now that’s the look of a 5-time Superbowl Champion, no?


The new Android phone from T-Mobile called the G1 is out and while I cannot really criticize anything about the usability of the phone, I CAN talk about the design of it. HTC is the phone manufacturer and as we all know, they’re responsible for handsets such as the Touch, Tilt, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, and the upcoming Touch HD. So looking at the G1 or also known as the Dream, my impression is…HTC designed THIS?!? I dig the touch-screen and the qwerty keyboard. I guess the only thing that bugs me are the bottom buttons. They seem a bit old-fashioned and plasticky. It doesn’t match HTC’s design language of the present. Compare this, to this. Yes, as you could tell, I’m very looking forward to the Touch HD and one would hope it’s Android capable. As for the G1, sorry HTC, you dropped the design ball with that one.

This is a website for a local massage therapist. It was mostly made in Flash along with some basic html. I also designed the logo. Follow this link to her website.

Here is my first and only attempt at animation. I made this short in my last semester of college in an animation class. It’s a play on the old joke that’s been heard sooo many times before. For some reason, Youtube makes it run a little choppy. View Why did the Chickens Cross the Road? from Glen Yra on Vimeo.

This is the update to the previous PACE logo. I combined some older versions of the logo and created a PACE seal for the new logo.

“Allow myself to introduce…myself.” – Austin Powers (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)

Hi all. I’m Glen Yra and this is the maiden post of my blog. If you really want to learn more about me, read the about blurb below. So what’s this blog about, you may ask? It’s a little and A LOT about everything that goes on in my head. My interests, my activities, my hobbies, my…life! As you could tell from my first line, I dig corny movies as I am a bit corny. I tend to know a lot more pop culture than I should. But it makes me a good teammate come party games like Scene-It. I’m a sports fan, especially the Bay Area teams, more specifically, The San Francisco 49ers, The SF Giants, and The Golden State Warriors. I’ll occaisionally blog about their successes, failures, and miscellaneous news. When I’m not watching sports, I’m usually dabbling in graphic design, admiring art and animation, and reading about what’s new or up and coming in technology and gadgetry. And when I feel like it, I’ll post something that’s going on in my life, whether it be good or bad. This is the information age but you don’t need to know EVERYTHING about me. So I hope you enjoy reading this blog and come back every now and then to check on what’s going on with me. Peace out!