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The new Android phone from T-Mobile called the G1 is out and while I cannot really criticize anything about the usability of the phone, I CAN talk about the design of it. HTC is the phone manufacturer and as we all know, they’re responsible for handsets such as the Touch, Tilt, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, and the upcoming Touch HD. So looking at the G1 or also known as the Dream, my impression is…HTC designed THIS?!? I dig the touch-screen and the qwerty keyboard. I guess the only thing that bugs me are the bottom buttons. They seem a bit old-fashioned and plasticky. It doesn’t match HTC’s design language of the present. Compare this, to this. Yes, as you could tell, I’m very looking forward to the Touch HD and one would hope it’s Android capable. As for the G1, sorry HTC, you dropped the design ball with that one.